Our commitment


Our priority is people. We are committed to promoting a safe working environment for our employees, customers, users and external staff

We encourage the use of policies aimed at reducing the number of accidents and improving the working conditions of all our employees, in keeping with the highest standards of occupational risk prevention. In this area, we are also working to be active agents in response to social problems through our "Enmovimiento" (Inmotion) programme.


Health and Safety

Our goal is to achieve a level of corporate culture where we all strive for the health and safety of others.

We want safety to be integrated into every level of the Organisation, and are working toward the ultimate goal of 365 accident-free days. In addition, company Management is committed to providing all the resources needed to comply with the applicable laws, identify, assess and minimise risks, prevent accidents and continuously improve the management system. Our accident reduction plans, monitoring to measure the trend in safety indicators, the road safety plan and ISO 45001 certification are part of this package of measures.


Human and labour rights

We have a Global Strategy for Diversity and Inclusion and an Equality Plan that we update regularly.


Commitment to society

Our company's DNA of "sustainable mobility" is imbued in our Enmovida programme, but in the context of promoting actions and partnerships that help society in different areas.

SDG awareness campaigns
Impacting our internal partners so they can better understand the scope of each of the 17 SDGs. As well as to encourage them to implement them in their daily lives through small challenges or initiatives that turn them into agents of change.


From today to our Legacy
Actions and activities where everything adds up. In this area, we are launching major campaigns involving diversity and inclusion, Green Friday Week, and plans that address specific needs in response to disasters or unexpected situations, such as the war in Ukraine or the earthquakes in Syria and Turkey.

From today to our legacy

Son Angeles Spaces for Charity
We sponsored a social project of the "Son Ángeles" Association to create a Day Centre to care for people with disabilities and high support needs.
Our range of products includes a monthly pass for charity which can be requested in many of our telpark car parks, 50% of the proceeds of which is donated entirely to the Association.