Telpark, the new software app that allows users to manage public parking from their mobile phone

October 22, 2013

Telpark, the new software app that allows users to manage public parking from their mobile phone

Empark offers citizens a parking meter on your mobile.

17th October, Madrid: After a good reception of the pilot in the neighbourhood of Los Jerónimos, Madrid in July, those who park in the neighbourhoods of Palace (11), Ambassadors (12), Justice (14), University (15), Sol (16), Palos de Moguer (26), Atocha (27, only in area Telpark), Pacific (31), Ibiza (34), Jerónimos (35) and Christ Child (36) of Madrid can use the Telpark application to manage parking on public roads from their mobile.

In addition to Madrid, the Telpark application is already operational in cities like Alcobendas, Arucas, Baracaldo, Huesca, Castelló d' Empúries, Pamplona and Ponferrada and is expected to be implemented imminently in Toledo and Almeria.

With Telpark the payment of parking is carried out in a safe environment, without the need for coins and without having to search for the nearest parking meter. Designed by and for the management of parking on the public highway, Telpark incorporates additional utilities such as the possibility to cancel complaints quickly and easily configure alarms in real time to inform the user when their parking is due to expire and gives an option to extend the time with an additional payment.

The user can register as many vehicles as they need, view payments made and download receipts. These features are an advantage for many, as the user is able to monitor the amount being spent on parking in a given period of time.

Telpark is compatible with all Android, I-Phone and Windows phone technology. To start using it just register on the website https://telpark.empark.es or alternatively visit empark.prepro.site, then download the Telpark app onto your smart phone and you can start parking without the need for coins.

Telpark is a secure alternative to the usual ticket system, with which Empark once more contributes to the improvement of the urban mobility while respecting the environment and offering new technological advancements within easy reach of everybody.

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