On November 1st the new management contract for the On- Street Parking Service in the city of Madrid began

December 10, 2014

Dornier, part of the Empark Group, are leading a joint business venture formed by API Mobility Parking, Vinci Park Services, and Electronic Setex-Aparki,to manage lots 1 and 2 of the new contract which is integral to the mobility of the City of Madrid. 

Madrid, December 13 -. The 1st of November marked the start of the new management contract for on-Street Parking Services, with the new contract being integral to the mobility of the city of Madrid.

After the tendering procedure during the month of August, the Council of Madrid divided the city into 4 zones. Dornier (Empark enterprise group) leaders of the business venture formed by Api Mobility Parking Vinci Park Services, Setex-Aparki and Electronic Traffic, won the tenders of lots 1 and 2 in the northwest and northeast areas of the municipality of Madrid, with a total of 40,164 parking spaces for the Lot 1 and 43,157 parking in Lot 2.

Along with lots 1 and 2 also awarded was the management of the controlled parking service, the maintenance of road signs in the South West (Lot 3) and South East (Lot 4) and the public bicycle lot (Lot 5).

This comprehensive contract also includes the management of the controlled parking services on public roads, as well as the maintenance of all road signs in the Municipality in the awarded lots.

With a total duration of 12 years, the contract represents a strong investment from the successful tenders to meet the required quality demands of the city, as well as the optimal performance of the managed services.

Although the start date of the new contract was the 1st November, full management has been deferred for two distinct phases, the first coinciding with the original date.

The management contract means a commitment to the sustainable mobility of the city; it is able to offer more safety and security, provide areas of free parking for residents and visitors and streamlines parking in places with a high demand, therefore minimising congestion, shortening waiting times and contributing to a reduction in pollution.

 With this award Dornier (Empark group) advances as the undisputed national leader and one of the major European operators in the management of mobility within the car parking sector. Within the on-street parking sector Dornier (Empark group) has established itself as a leading company across Spain and Portugal, with more than 270,000 regulated spaces in 121 different cities. 

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