Empark World

More than 50 years of experience

Empark, Aparcamientos y Servicios, S.A. leads the parking and mobility sector in Spain and Portugal and is at the forefront at the international level. With a presence in 148 municipalities in Spain, Portugal, Andorra and Turkey, we are responsible for more than 419,000 parking spaces that facilitate the movements of more than 150 million people every year, helping them optimise their time. 

We collaborate as reference partners with public administrations as well as urban management and transportation infrastructure companies to improve life and mobility within cities We interact with cutting-edge technology, digital platforms and the development of customised solutions integrated into our customers' systems to ensure transparency, access to information and real-time control of parking management.

We maximise the use of space, catering to the needs of institutions and citizens. At Empark we want to contribute our experience and technology to create clean, streamlined, rational and liveable environments. With sustainable energy systems and advanced designs, our own technical innovations and a large team made up of more than 1,900 people, we provide solutions in real time. Advanced solutions for managing resources in a rational way, and trends in mobility, planning and urban design, which encourage debate and the exchange of knowledge to help create quality environments. Because we know that mobility is part of the everyday life of people who must travel daily, Empark's top experts make short-term forecasts to manage your trips.