Season tickets online

25% discount until April 30!

Do you use Empark car parks frequently? Discover our monthly payments to park in your trusted car park in the safest way and at the best price. You can enter and leave the car park whenever you need, and save up to 85% on the usual rate.

What types of seasons tickets are available?

  • Daytime pass
  • Night-time pass
  • Flexible pass
  • 24h pass
  • Working day pass

Why purchase a subscription?

Because it is more convenient, because it is cheaper, because it adapts to your needs... We could give you more reasons, but it is better to experience it for yourself. There are more than 150 car parks available to you in Spain and Portugal!

How can I buy a subscription?

From our website  https://www.empark.com/es/es/abonos, search for the city where you want to park, select the car park and the type of pass you want and pay for the first online period. Then, you must set up a direct debit for subsequent bills and enter the details of the bank account in the payment platform

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